IAMAW/ Air Canada Collective Agreement 2016-2026

Personal Leave -Government of Canada

1. Rights outlined in the Code under personal leave

2. Conditions for paid leave

3. Leave taken over more than one period

4. Employer’s request for the employee…

Personal Leave -Government of Canada

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February 2022 Meeting Cancellation

January 21, 2022


General Membership Meeting February 1, 2022

Notice to all IAMAW Local Lodge 2323 Members


We have requested and been granted dispensation from Grand Lodge to cancel the February 1, 2022 General Membership Meeting. This is to protect the health . . . → Read More: February 2022 Meeting Cancellation

In Memoriam Brother Glenn Zegarchuk

January 21, 2022

In Memoriam Brother Glen Zegarchuk

Brother Glen Zegarchuk passed away earlier this month.

He will be sorely missed by his friends and family.

Glen was retired and had been a long time station attendant at YYZ.

On behalf of the Union Membership condolences have been sent to his family and a donation . . . → Read More: In Memoriam Brother Glenn Zegarchuk

ST Appointment Mark Falconer

January 14, 2022

Local Lodge 2323

Appointment for Secretary Treasurer

The Executive Board of LL2323 would like to announce the appointment of Brother Mark Falconer to the position of Secretary Treasurer effective upon the retirement of our current Secretary Treasurer John Smiley.

John will be retiring in April 2022 and this appointment will be in . . . → Read More: ST Appointment Mark Falconer

USEFUL NUMBERS – 2022 (By Ivana Saula) -IAMAW Canada

OLD AGE SECURITY BENEFIT (Monthly, at age 65, January 2022) $ 642.25 (regardless of marital status) 10% increase to OAS as of July 2022 for those 75 and older Adjusted quarterly to CPI (in January, April, July and October) OAS/GIS can be deferred up to 5 years (to age 70), with an increase of 0.60% . . . → Read More: USEFUL NUMBERS – 2022 (By Ivana Saula) -IAMAW Canada

IAMAW Local 2323 Twitter Feed

Recommendations from Ford’s hand-picked committee on the future of work will make it easier for employers to misclassify workers & exclude them from minimum labour standards.

We can’t let that happen. RSVP for this panel on what we can do about it.
ofl.ca/event/the-gig… pic.twitter.com/Zs0x…

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