Notice of Election

October 18, 2010

Notice of Election

Executive Board, YYZ Customer Service Shop Committee Members & Customer Service Negotiations Run-Off

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

An election will be held on December 7, 2010 for the position of President, Secretary Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Conductor Sentinel, Trustees and Customer Service Shop Committee & a run-off election for the Negotiations Representative in Customer Service.

The following names will appear on the ballots:


Steve Anderson

Coby Budgell

Steve Davidson

Kelvin Francis

Dennis Noseworthy

Lou Pagrach

Vice President

Steve O’ Hara – acclaimed

Secretary Treasurer

Wayne Paterson

Rob Penyk

Recording Secretary

Barbara Beattie

Sam Jabbar

Conductor – Sentinel

Stan Dolnicek

Rhonda MacLachlan

Mark Pozzoban

Trustees – Three (3) Positions

Karnail Singh Brar

Vince Commisso

Cumar Durairajah

Jeffrey Ince

Jean Guy Labelle

loannis Makris

Linda Mastromattei

John Smiley

Joe Veltri


Tony Albanese – acclaimed

Customer Service Shop Committee Members- Two (2) Positions

Jason Barlow

Brad Gomes

Aldo Iafrate

Stuart McFarlane

Joseph Romanelli

Vic Seebalak

Jonathon Smith

Customer Service Negotiations Representative

Stan Dolnicek

John Hill

Date of Election: December 07, 2010

Location: 2580 Drew Rd., Mississauga, Ontario

Voting Hours: 06:30 – 21:00 hrs

Absentee Ballots:

Any member entitled to receive on absentee ballot must make written request stating the reason and forward it to the Recording Secretory via Canada Post or by handing in person to the Recording Secretary. Absentee ballot requests must be sent in individual envelopes. Absentee ballot requests must be received no later than Monday November 08, 2010.

On the day of election a station valid union card must be presented at the polling station.

In solidarity,

Lou Pagrach

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