TechOps Bulletin -Radio Operators Certificate

November 19, 2010

Re: Radio Operators Certificate

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Company is issuing letters notifying employees that they must submit a copy of their ROC to the qualifications department as a requirement of our Collective Agreement. The Company also states that failing to do so may result in “further administrative measures being taken”.

Our current Collective Agreement makes no mention of such a requirement.  Once again our membership is being subjected to yet another of the Company’s ‘imaginative’ interpretations of our Collective Agreement.  Also of question is the threatening statement about the “further administrative measures” that could be taken by the Company?

The ROC was not a condition of employment. The Company’s reference to the Collective Agreement is false and implying administrative measures in the assumed form of disciplinary action is deemed punitive and discriminatory in nature by this office.

The Company’s failure to administer employee qualifications to this extent is embarrassing. The Company’s solution to rectify their fault is even more so. Instead of approaching this issue with respect and openness the Company has resolved to rely on inaccurate interpretations of our Collective Agreement and vague threats which may be disciplinary in nature.  Your Shop Committee does not condone or support this current campaign. This issue will be discussed with the committee of General Chairpersons in the upcoming week.

Please guide yourselves accordingly,

In Solidarity,

Technical Operations, Logistics and Supply Shop Committee.
Joe Dermo
Clint Tucker

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