District 140 Bulletin: TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE IAMAW


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

On February 16, a meeting was held in Toronto to discuss the ramifications of the CIRB decisions to allow the split of the Technical Operations bargaining certification and the rejection of the IAMAW’s application for a Common Employer declaration with Air Canada and Aveos.

In attendance at this meeting were IAMAW Canadian General Vice President Dave Ritchie, our legal advisors from the law firm of Cavalluzzo Hayes Shilton McIntyre & Cornish and 62 IAMAW officers from every Local Lodge across the country. The IAMAW officers consisted of Local Lodge Presidents, Shop Committee members and bargaining committee members from all of the bargaining units (TMOS, Clerical and Finance).

During this meeting, there was a review of how we have reached this point and what is planned in the future regarding such issues as the Air Canada Public Participations Act, the transition process and how the collective bargaining process will commence.

During the discussions, it was quite apparent that there are many questions that have to be answered to enable our members to make the life-changing decisions that they are facing.

While your Union reps are attempting to gather as much information as possible, we urge each member to contact the management person in charge of your area and ask them to provide an answer to your questions.

We must also add that the Union has scheduled several arbitration hearings since the CIRB decisions were released.

On February 4, 2011, we attended an arbitration hearing before Chief Arbitrator Teplitsky and asked for a cease-and-desist order to stop the Aveos transition timeline. We were not granted a cease-and-desist order.
However, the hearing did result in an order for a protocol to address any and all of the outstanding transition issues.

The next hearing was held on February 11, 2011, which resulted in an 8-item protocol put in place by Arbitrator Teplitsky which will allow a large number of issues to be addressed. (Please note that these arbitration decisions and all other relevant documents can be found on the Transportation District 140 website or through your Local Lodge.)

The Union appreciates your support throughout these difficult times and asks for your continued support as we progress into the next phase.

In solidarity,

Chuck Atkinson
President & Directing General Chairperson




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