Tech Ops Shop Committee Bulletin -Lost in the Translation?

May 3, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

Lost in the Translation?

As a result of some correspondence earlier this week, the Labour Relation department has put me on notice that a “suggestive work to rule campaign” would not be tolerated. That should employees engage in such activities, the Union and I would be held liable for such transgressions.

Wow, liable for doing my job? Was that a threat?

I was asking the company to cease using acting assignments to cover manpower shortages in the planning department. Why did I ask for this? I was made aware as a result of an over subscription to Air Canada, the company will be issuing layoff notices to some of our members in the planning department. Does my position seem unreasonable or suggestive of a work to rule campaign?

To the Company, I will take your notice and advise my membership of your attempts to suppress the Union and its representatives of its right to enforce a Collective Agreement. Brothers and Sisters this is Union Busting 101. We are currently working with an expired collective agreement and engaged in bargaining. This behaviour from the company is expected but will not be tolerated.

In Solidarity,

Joe D’Ermo

YYZ Technical Operation, Logistics & Supply Shop Committee


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