Tech Ops Shop Committee Bulletin

Brothers and Sisters,

There has been an increase in reports of inappropriate management behaviour.

Management’s disregard and disrespect of its employees during a negotiations year is an expected labour relations tactic. We find this behaviour intolerable.

We will ask you to remain and act in a professional manner and not to engage management in their latest attempt to drive a wedge into the fortitude of the membership.

If we are mistaken in any of the above then we can only attribute these incidents as a complete failure of management’s ability to direct its working forces.

Please report incidents that are in violation of the Air Canada Harassment or Code of Conduct Policies immediately.

Please ensure that you have shop steward at hearings and to be present to witness any statements or discussions in the presence of a company representative. There are no innocent chit chats.

We must also advise our membership NOT to participate in accident/incident review meetings.

These meetings can and will be used to discipline you. Please contact Ed Galas, Mike Giantsopoulos or our office for further details.

In solidarity,

Joe Dermo
Clinton Tucker

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