Tech Ops Shop Committee -Bulletin

Brothers and Sisters,

We are all familiar with the company’s flagrant and ongoing disrespect of the membership, shop stewards and your Shop Committee. In keeping with their philosophy, management has decided to add lies, intimidation, and condescending and threatening behaviour to their daily operation.

An unfortunate turn of events, yet hardly surprising.

The practice of disregarding your seniority rights, disregarding established policies, procedures, and demoralizing the workforce is continuous and ongoing. A Collective Agreement which has been manipulated by the company for their benefit for years is now often simply broken to suit their needs.
The company’s answer? If you don’t like it, take it to arbitration.

Under the direction of Tom Abraham your shop committee had established a professional working relationship that was based on mutual benefit for both parties. We honestly can say this relationship was based on trust and respect.

By contrast, the current management team has undone in 2 months what took 2 years to establish. Congratulations Glen, job well done.

The solidarity and initiative of the YYZ Line Maintenance membership has made change possible. Things will never be the same. Your Shop Committee would like to thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding during these difficult times. Together we will establish the respect we all deserve.

In Solidarity

Joe D’ermo
Clinton Tucker


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