Airport & Cargo Shop Committee Bulletin -All Members Cabins

All Members Cabins

On Thursday Sept 1, G.C. Boyd Richardson, Acting Local Lodge President Steve O’Hara along with Shop Committee members Derek Morgan and Brad Gomes met with our members in Cabins.
A number of issues of concern were raised, issues that we will be discussing next week with Dave Duffy and Will Westwick.

Three of the issues raised at this meeting will be addressed in this bulletin.

Washroom Breaks
The company cannot prevent you from going to the washroom. If you need to go, you need to go.
There are washrooms in the terminal or if you need to use the lav on an aircraft, simply leave it the
way you found it if it was cleaned before you used it.

Lunch periods
The collective agreement states that you are to get your lunch 1.5 hours either side of the mid-point
of your shift. If your lunch period falls outside of these parameters, you will be paid for your lunch;
the company must still provide you with a lunch period during your shift.

Forced Overtime
The collective agreement allows the company to force overtime, if in the opinion of the supervisor
it is required at the time. Rules concerning the forcing of overtime can be found in article 10.02 of
the collective agreement. The Union has taken this issue to arbitration and the arbitrator has ruled
that the company can force overtime but must follow the established protocol, that is, hire from the overtime book, canvass for volunteers and then force if still needed.

We will be discussing these issues as well as the other issues raised at our meeting with management next week.

The Shop Committee
Derek Morgan
Frank Morgani
Vick Seebalak
Brad Gomes

General Chairperson
Boyd Richardson

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