Tech Ops Shop Committee – Your professionalism and integrity has been attacked!

Brothers and Sisters,

 Your professionalism and integrity has been attacked!

Air Canada has demonstrated this with the termination of a co-worker for doing his job.

The employee affected was accused of sabotage and threatened with jail time.
The company concluded that the employee damaged company property had a lack of judgement as well as a disturbing lack of loyalty towards the company and the safety of passengers. The company contends that the employee replaced a disproportional amount of an aircraft part and alleges the employee on one occasion replaced a completely serviceable aircraft part.
For these reasons the company terminated employment.

Your Shop Committee has a responsibility to its membership. We would be doing a disservice if we did not inform you of this event. Do we really need to tell you what we think of a company that expects LOYALTY from its employees?

The integrity of your license and of all those performing work on aircraft, aircraft equipment or servicing of such has been brought into question. It is unacceptable and we expect you to act accordingly.
We expect you to be assertive with management whenever necessary to maintain that integrity. Be alert for management tactics that drive unsafe deviations from those approved methods such as SOP’S documented and including those in Publication 5, the Control Manual, AMM, CMM, Airport Authority Regulations and the Canadian Labour Code parts I and II.

Not only do we expect you to go home safe but we also expect you to return back to work without the fear or intimidation in retaliation for doing an honest day’s work.

In Solidarity,

Joe D’Ermo
Clinton Tucker

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