2323 Bulletin: Acclaimed Shop Stewards in Technical Operations/Logistics & Supply

Acclaimed Shop Stewards in Technical Operations
Logistics & Supply Committee

As per previous Notice of Nomination & Election Bulletin issued October 07th, 2012, nominations were to be received from interested members for the position of Shop Stewards in Tech Ops.

Please be advised that the following candidates were acclaimed:

1. Ken Weber (Facilities Maintenance 5/2 Day shift)

2. Steve Harris (Tire Shop 5/2 Day shift)

3. Peter Kemp (Technical Training)


1. Allan Mills (B cycle night shift)

2. Devin Rogers (B cycle day shift)

3. Tim Fines (B cycle Afternoon shift)

4. Mark Pozzobon (B cycle Afternoons)

5. James Osborne (A cycle night shift)

6. Steve Davidson (A cycle Day shift)

Line Maintenance

1. Ed Galas (4/3 Day shift)

2. Dave Carey (crew 12M)

3. Mike Hannah (crew 7IM)

4. Alain Ruel (crew R2)

5. Arie Sandel (crew 42D)

6. Mike Giantsopoulos (crew 12M)

7. Fred Soares (crew AVD3)

8. Stephen Li (crew II M)

9. Donald Yusuf (13M)

10. Alf Bailey (72D)

11. Walter Rohrer (12A)

12. Naresh Persaud (AVM1)

Logistics and Supply

1. Joe Veltri (5/2 Day shift)

2. Wayne Walker  (5/2 afternoon shift)

3. Rick Hamilton (A cycle day shift)

4. Lynell Chiasson (B cycle day shift)

The term of office will be from January 01, 2012 until December 31st, 2013

In solidarity,

Sam Jabbar
Recording Secretary

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