2323 Bulletin: Towing Situation & Managers Doing Our Work

March 1, 2012

General Chairperson Boyd Richardson and the Shop Committee requested a conference call today with Arbitrator Teplitsky regarding the contracting of flights in the tow operation. The Union strongly condemned the company for what we consider to be a violation of the arbitrator’s previous award regarding this issue. The Union does not believe there was a legitimate reason for the company to have ATS works this flight. We are reconvening on Tuesday March 6 at 4pm to have a hearing before the arbitrator where the company will have to justify their actions.

We also discussed the issue of managers doing scope work on the weekend. We believe there was no justification for them doing so. We will be asking the Arbitrator at our Tuesday hearing to impose a fine on the company for this violation as per his previous arbitration award.

We will inform the membership of the outcome of this hearing as soon as the arbitrator issues his decision.

Boyd Richardson

General Chairperson

Derek Morgan
Airport & Cargo Shop Committee

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