Airport & Cargo Shop Committee: Managers Doing Scope Work

Managers Doing Scope Work

On February 24 and February 25, the Union had a number of our members report that managers were performing scope work, loading and unloading aircraft, throwing in bags etc. We need people who saw, with their own eyes, managers doing this.

The Union will be taking this matter to arbitration and we need witnesses.
Please call, drop by or email the shop committee with details.

In the future, if any member witnesses managers doing scope work, we ask you to take a picture of what they are doing, that is, driving a tractor or belt, loading a flight, throwing bags, etc. and report this incident with complete written details to the Shop Committee. After you take the picture, ask the manager to stop what he is doing and take note of what he says and does.

The Shop Committee

Derek Morgan   Frank Morgani

Vick Seebalak   Brad Gomes

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