Ramp LLAT’s Working as LAT’s Immediately -District 140 Bulletin


There has been some controversy surrounding the ramp LLAT position. Arbitrator Picher awarded the company submission in their Memorandum of Understanding called for ramp LLAT’s to begin working as LAT’s immediately.

Members of the Union Bargaining Committee participated on a conference call with company officials from Labour Relations and their bargaining team. Our position was that this was the company submission and theirs was selected by the Arbitrator and as such, we sought to have this implemented immediately.

On that call the company indicated they were not prepared to act immediately with the ramp LLAT’s but indicated they must honour the wording.

The company still chooses not to implement.

As a result, a grievance has been raised at second level and we will proceed to arbitration with this grievance as more than likely the second level manager will deny it.

ln the meantime, if you are being forced to perform the job of LLAT on the ramp, you have the right to grieve and we ask that you do so.

There is no provision in the Collective Agreement to force members into an “above basic classification”. You also have rights under Bill C45.

Thank you for your patience.

ln Solidarity,

Gary Sinclair
General Chairperson
Central Region
(June 28,2012)

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