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August 24, 2012

Cabins Shift Bid

The Shop Committee met with manpower to discuss the upcoming shift bid. The tentative dates are as follows, the shift bid will be Oct 4 and 5 and the bid will flip October 28.

As per the new Collective Agreement, the Work Schedule Review Committee, which will consist of 2 members, will have 2 days to meet with the company to review the bid and try to improve the shifts. “If the WSRC fails to complete the work schedule review process within the deadlines set out above, then the company will implement its work schedule.” This is the language as per the new collective agreement.

The new collective agreement also speaks to the levels of compressed shifts in the bid. Presently, there are no compressed shifts in Cabins. As per the new Collective Agreement, this bid will have a maximum of 7% compression, next year will have 14% and the following year will be 20% compressed shifts.

As this will be the first shift bid utilizing the new rules in the Collective Agreement, we hope the process itself will not be any different other than the time restraints now in place.

If you are off sick during this time period, please see the Local Lodge web site,, for updates.

The Shop Committee

Derek Morgan Frank Morgani

Vick Seebalak Brad Gomes

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