ATTENTION YYZ TECH OPS MEMBERS -Tech Ops Shop Committee Bulletin


November 14th, 2012 @ 0630hrs EST

We met with local management, including labour relations on several occasions in an effort to come to terms regarding the vacation bid process, calculations applied and associated allotments available. We are not able to see eye to eye.

The company is applying the language of new Collective Agreement that became effective June 1ih 2012. In Specific, the revised language and notes of Articles 13.04 and 13.06 inclusive. The pertinent excerpts are: Article 13.04; ” Vacations will be taken at such times as the services of the employee can be spared”, Article 13.06: “Management shall provide lists based on the applicable cycles, side of the week or shift patterns, as it deems appropriate”. It is important to recognize that the Note under clause 13.04 is no longer applicable to Line Maintenance, and article 13.06 is applicable to Line maintenance exclusively.

We requested the traditional formulas be applied which provide for additional slots, as has been the past practise for decades. Our requests were not accommodated.

Paraphrasing, some of the reasons cited were:

1. We have been doing the vacation calculations incorrectly in the past and need to correct this error moving forward.

2. We cannot afford the deficiency in manpower during the peak operational periods as the operation has suffered in the past and we must improve in these areas.

3. We intend to increase the frequency of our training programs and are considering training throughout peak periods.

4. We negotiated this contract and it is a give and take situation. Therefore we need to extract maximum value from the language improvements we achieved.


To continue to accurately represent the membership body as a whole, your feedback, comments and insight remain invaluable and we look forward to such.

Having said that, we also believe that to build functional working relationship and to succeed in cooperative endeavours management will require your feedback also. Maintaining our professionalism please keep communication respectful and courteous.

Please find attached contact information for the union and management personnel whom are directly involved with the VVZ Tech Ops vacation bid for 2013.

1. LL 2323 Shop Committee Tech Ops, David Freeman 905-676-2243.

2. LL 2323 Shop Committee Tech Ops, Dan Adams 905-676-2243.

3. District 140 Central Region General Chairperson, Gary Sinclair


4. Director Line Maintenance Glen Gilbertson. Contact info can be found on the Aeronet.

5. Line Mtce Base Admin Mgr Wendy Finn. Contact info can be found on the Aeronet.
In solidarity,

David Freeman
Dan Adams

Tech Ops, Logistics and Supply
Shop Committee

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