Uniform Credits


To: all employees covered by the Air Canada / IAMAW TMOS and Clerical collective agreements

SUBJECT: Uniform Credits

In 2006 the Company issued a GIC (#2006-03) advising employees they could forward their unused portions of the preceding years uniform credit towards purchases made in the next calendar year.

We are re-issuing this GIC as a reminder of the change in policy.

Any unused portion of your 2012 allotment will be forwarded for use in 2013. This is limited to the maximum of your 2012 allotment.

As an example; should you be entitled to $110 annually and have only spent $60, you will be entitled to a credit of $160 in 2013.

2012 = $50 +

2013 = $110

Total $160

Should you not spend any of your credit in 2012 and 2013, you will only be able to forward $110 towards your 2014 allotment. In any given year you will only be entitled to a maximum of $220.

GIC_2012-09_Uniform Credit  (bilingual)

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