All YYZ Members Ramp & Baggage -Shifting MOA

Nov 1, 2013

All YYZ Members Ramp & Baggage
Shifting MOA

Over the past few weeks, the Shop Committee as well as President Steve O’Hara and GC Boyd Richardson have been involved in consultation with the membership regarding the provision in the new collective agreement in respect to the shift bid process. The shifting MOA in question renders articles inoperative. These articles basically govern how the shift bid process will work. For example, article states in part “the best possible work schedule can be achieved through a wide degree of discussion and mutual consideration of all of the factors involved.” With the shifting MOA, this discussion and mutual consideration is null and void. With us opting out of the shifting MOA, the union believes, once again, we have the right to and the company has an obligation to engage in meaningful discussions at the next shift bid.

As per the collective agreement, when you withdraw from the shifting MOA, it is for 1 year; you forfeit, for that year, 3 GHO holidays (those entitled to GHO have more than 10 years service) and the shift premium. To clarify a common misunderstanding, you lose 3 days vacation, you do not lose 3 days pay.

The Union had until Nov 1, 2013 to inform the company of its decision to withdraw from the shifting MOA. Rest assured, the Union did not take this decision lightly and discussed and debated over and over whether or not to take this course of action until the last possible moment. In our discussions with the membership over the past couple of weeks, and yes we did not speak to every person, the overwhelming majority of those we spoke to support our course of action of withdrawing from the MOA.

The Union is and always has taken the position of having an open dialogue with the company on any issue including the shift bid. If the company wants to sit down and have a serious discussion on the shift bid and the events that have transpired, we are prepared to do so.

The Shop Committee

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