All Members-Airports/Cargo/Cabins – Shifting MOA

Sept 2, 2014

All Members-Airports/Cargo/Cabins – Shifting MOA

Once again this fall, the shop committee must give the company notice of the intention to withdraw from the shifting MOA. This fall we will be holding a vote and letting you, the membership, decide on whether or not to opt out. The vote will take place on Sept 23 and 24 from 05:00 until 10:00 and again from 15 :00 until 20:00. All 3 areas of the airports operation will vote, Airports including the CSA baggage, Cabins, and Cargo. We will post another bulletin stating where each vote will be held in the various workplaces.

The shifting MOA in question renders articles 1.02/.03/.04 inoperative. These articles basically govern how the shift bid process will work. For example, article 10.01.03 .0 1.01 states in part “the best possible work schedule can be achieved through a wide degree of discussion and mutual consideration of all of the factors involved.” With the shifting MOA, this discussion and mutual consideration is null and void. When opting out of the shifting MOA, the union believes, once again, we have the right to and the company has an obligation to engage in meaningful discussions at the next shift bid. It must be understood that opting out of the MOA gives us the right to negotiate with the company; it does not mean the company has to give us everything we ask for. Under the MOA, there is no shift bid committee; it is replaced with the Work Schedule Review Committee. The WSRC may suggest start time changes of up to 30 minutes as long as they do not affect operational requirements. In reality, the start times presented are what the company deems to be the operational requirement. The committee does not have the ability to address any relevant manpower issues, for example, to ask for more manpower in the roadway or an area of the ramp.

As per the collective agreement, when you withdraw from the shifting MOA, it is for I year; you forfeit, for that year, 3 GHO holidays (those entitled to GHO have more than 10 years service) and the shift premium. To clarify a common misunderstanding, you lose 3 days vacation, you do not lose 3 days pay.

The ballot will be a simple yes or no:

Yes- I want the Union to withdraw from the shifting MOA. This means that articles 10.01.03 .01/.021.03/.04 are in effect and the Union and shift committee can negotiate with the company. This al so means that you lose 3 days GHO (vacation) and shift premiums.

No- I do not want the union to withdraw from the shifting MOA. This means that as per the MOA, the Union can only suggest 30 minute change of start times on the shift bid. By not withdrawing from the MOA, you keep your GHO and shift premiums.

The Union hopes everyone eligible to vote participates; we want and need your input. We ask that you contact the shop committee if you have any questions, we need all of you informed so you can make an educated decision when voting.

The Shop Committee

Derek Morgan Brad Gomes Dave Flowers Mark Pacilla

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