(Revised) Notice of Election -YYZ Airport & Cargo Operations One (1) IAMAW Shop Committee Member

September 30, 2015


Notice of Election
YYZ Airport & Cargo Operations One (1) IAMAW Shop Committee Member

Please note an election will be held on December 01, 2015 for the above position at IAMAW Local Lodge 2323. The term of office for this elected position will be from January 1,2016 through to December 31, 2018. Only IAMAW members from Toronto Airport & Cargo Operations are eligible to vote in this particular election.

The following names will appear on the ballot:

Mike Cooke

Don Harris

Date of Election:
December 01, 2015
2580 Drew Road, Mississauga ON
Polling Hours: 0630 – 2100 hrs.

Absentee Ballots as per Local Lodge Bylaws (Article IV)

Members who reside in outlying districts more than 25 miles/40km (driving distance) from the designated balloting place, members who are either confined because of verified illness or vacation or on official lAM business, approved by the Local Lodge, District Lodge or Grand Lodge, or on an employer travel assignment, as the case maybe, may request an Absentee Ballot form.

Any member entitled to receive an Absentee Ballot may complete in full the 2323 Absentee Request form available from the 2323 website (www.iamaw2323.ca) and also available in the Shop Committee Offices. The member must forward it to the Recording Secretary via Canada Post or by handing it in, in person, to the Recording Secretary. Absentee Ballot requests must be sent in individual envelopes. Absentee Ballot request must be received by November 02, 2015 at the latest via Canada Post or in person to Recording Secretary.

Please don’t forget to complete the form in full including a valid union card number and your signature. If you don’t have your union card number you can get it by calling the Local Lodge office at 905-678-0010. Please be advised that this election will take place on the same day as the General Membership Meeting. At the polling station on December 01, 2015, a valid union card must be presented or a ballot will not be issued.

In solidarity,

Vince Commisso
Recording Secretary

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