NOTICE OF ELECTION -Air Canada Airports & Cargo -Shop Committee Chairperson

February 3, 2016

Air Canada Airports & Cargo
Shop Committee Chairperson

The election will take place on April 05, 2016 for the above position.

The successful candidate will serve the term from April 06, 2016 until December 31, 2017.

The following names will appear as follows on the Election Ballot:

Dave Flowers

Daniel Giosa

Rob Penyk

Absentee Ballots: Any member entitled to receive an absentee ballot must complete in
full the 2323 Absentee Request Form. The form is available on the 2323 website and
also in the Shop Committee Offices. The completed form must be forwarded in individual
envelopes to the Recording Secretary via Canada Post or in person by March 04, 2016.

Date of election is April 05, 2016 at Local Lodge 2323, 2580 Drew Rd., Mississauga.
The polling hours are from 0630 to 2100.

A valid union card must be presented or a ballot cannot be issued.

In solidarity,

Vince Commisso
Recording Secretary

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