Dear Brothers & Sisters

December 12, 2016

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

An agreement has been made between Air Canada Management and the Airports
& Tech Ops Shop Committee Offices to allow cross utilization between the CAT
33’s and the CSCA’s with regards to shift trades.
The two departments will be permitted to do shift trades with each other starting
in the beginning of January 2017.
However, the two departments will have to follow the language covered by the
Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) respective to the department of the
Shift Trade Donator.

As per the CBA, the Maintenance Employees work an 11 hours 10 minutes, 4×4
work schedule with unpaid lunch and the CSCA’s work a 10 hours 40 minutes, 4×4
or an 8 hours 6×3 work schedule with paid lunches.
This means that if you are a Member of the CSCA group and you pick up a CAT 33
Member’s shift, you will be required to work an 11 hours & 10 minutes shift with
unpaid lunch. Conversely, if you are a CAT 33 and you pick up the Shift Trade
Donated by a CSCA you will work the Shift Donated and will receive a paid lunch.
Please be aware of these conditions before any shift is received, as the Company
will not make any adjustments after you have worked the shift.

If there is any questions regarding this please contact the Shop Committee

Airports (905) 676-2484

Tech Ops (905) 676-2243

Thank you for your co-operation.

Dave Flowers
YYZ Airports and Cargo
Shop Committee

Joe Veltri
YYZ Tech Ops
Shop Committee

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