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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A growing number of Transportation District 140 Members are now contributing to and earning a pension benefit in the
IAM Multi-Employer Pension Plan (MEPP). The MEPP has grown exponentially since its inception four (4) years ago and
now has approximately 6,600 members and eight (8) participating employers.

All members of the MEPP should be aware of their ability to check on and make changes to their pension benefit, plan
status and obtain information about the MEPP directly from the MEPP website . The website is
bilingual and provides all information, documentation and communication in both French and English.

Members should also be aware of a significant improvement that has recently been made to the website. A pension
calculator has been added to the website that gives all members the ability to project the amount of their expected pension
benefit. You simply have to input several parameters like your age, marital status, income and contribution rate and the
calculator will provide you with an estimate of your expected pension benefit that will be payable as at the date or age that
you have selected.

In addition a new and updated Summary Plan Description (SPD) document has been loaded to the website this month.
The SPD clearly explains the MEPP definitions, participation and contributions, your pension benefit and how it can be
paid. The SPD is an easy to read document that uses a Q & A format to explain your pension benefit and how it works.

The website contains a DOCUMENTATION tab where members can download plan documents including the Summary
Plan Description, Enrollment form, Beneficiary Change form and Marital Status Change form
. At the bottom of the
Documentation page, there is a Pension Computation icon which will open the pension calculator.

To open and run the pension calculator you will need to download an Appeon Xcelerator plug-in to your laptop or device. If
this plug-in is not already loaded to your device then the link to download it will appear automatically when you select the
Pension Computation”. This plug-in may prove difficult to load if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser but will
load easily if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla. Once this plug-in is loaded to your device you will not have to do this
step again. The Pension Calculator will now open up directly every time that you select it in the future.

If you wish to contact the MEPP administrator or if you wish to ask a question, there is a CONTACT tab on the website.
This will give you all of the contact information for the MEPP as well as allow you to send a direct email to the plan
administrator if you wish to ask a question or receive any personal information from the plan.

I would encourage all MEPP members to visit the website and use the new pension calculator to learn more about your
single biggest benefit after wages. Your pension is your future and the key to living a life of dignity and security for you and
your family in retirement. You should learn as much as you can about your pension as soon as you can. This will help you
to understand what it will provide for you and what improvements you may want to ask your negotiations committee to
seek in your MEPP benefit in future rounds of negotiations.

In Solidarity,
Christopher Hiscock, Chairman,
IAMAW Pension Committee


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