To All Former Aveos Members -Employment Insurance Decision / Appeal -District 140 Bulletin

To All Former Aveos Members

Employment Insurance Decision / Appeal

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In 2013, the IAMAW advised former Aveos members that the IAMAW, like other Unions, does not
generally provide members with representation on EI matters. However, in this case, in response to
member requests, the IAMAW paid to put together a detailed legal brief to assist its former Aveos
members with individual cases before EI due to a decision to claw back certain funds paid out. At that
time, the Union informed the affected members that they had about a 3% – 5% chance of being successful.

The Union’s position has never changed. Most affected members across the system used the legal
agreement that was provided to them by the IAMAW, taking the Union’s advice into consideration. In
certain cities, formal meetings were also held with the affected members. At these meetings, the
former Aveos members were provided with the legal argument and advised that the EI appeals
needed to be done by the affected members independently. They were also advised that their
success rate would be 3% – 5%, which was reinforced by EI advocates. Throughout the country,
affected members used the legal argument with the understanding that there was little chance of

In addition, lawyers who successfully argued the case before the EI appeals division had the full
benefit of the legal arguments that had been made available by the IAMAW, as well as their own legal
arguments. Unfortunately, that decision was overturned and those lawyers have now decided not to
pursue this case any further as they too have determined that there is very little chance of success.

In Solidarity,

Fred Hospes, President & Directing General Chairperson
Transportation District 140, IAMAW


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