Election Results -IAMAW Air Canada Ramp and Baggage Shop Stewards

November 15, 2017

Election Results
IAMAW Air Canada
Ramp and Baggage Shop Stewards

The following Candidates are now elected as Shop Stewards for the Ramp and Baggage
Department. Those who were elected will be notified in the near future regarding any training you will require.

1. Peter Stockley  
2. Jason Barlow
3. Brad Gomes
4. Dan Janssen
5. Big Frank Angilletta
6. Emil Varosi
7. John Hill
8. Paul Hicks
9. Shane Barnett
10. Dan Djokic
11. Delroy Lindsay
12. Fitzroy Crooks
13. Robin Polchies
14. Kevin O’Brien
15. David McLeod
16. Caleb Reid
17. Mark Reed
18. Michael Crilly
19. Kelvin Francis
20. Mike Richard
21. Chris “Fluffy” Dodgson
22. Salmon Cupid
23. Christian Eyzaguirre
24. Mark Falconer
25. Larry Chotai
26. Trista Di Monte
27. Simon Nowicki
28. Eugene Boddy
29. Domenic Trozzolo
30. Jag Prajapati
31. Mark A. Fletcher
32. Terry Hanson
33. Steve Lanno
34. Nunzio Bellissimo
35. Raul De Florimonte
36. Gregg Fortushniok
37. Fahim M. Shaikh
38. Peter Begbie
39. Bill Terkalas  
40. Vinod Kharsikar – John Iheme (tied)

We would like to thank all who participated in the process and congratulate and
welcome those elected to the team!

In solidarity,

Dave Flowers

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