Latest poll shows NDP in first with Liberal collapse! -IAMAW Canada

May 25, 2018

Toronto, ON – The latest Forum Research poll shows support for Kathleen Wynne’s ruling
Liberal party collapsing, placing the NDP rather than the Tories in the best position to form
a majority government in two weeks’ time.

The poll of 906 randomly selected Ontario voters has determined that 47 per cent of decided
or leaning respondents now support the NDP compared to 33 per cent for the Progressive
Conservative party and just 14 per cent for the Liberals. The results suggest that if an election
were held today, the NDP would get a majority government with 79 seats, the Tories would
serve as the Official Opposition with 40 seats and the Liberals would fall from official party
status with only five seats.







Forum Research has conducted 40 polls on Ontario voter preferences since the last election
in 2014 and this is the first time that the NDP have jumped into first place. In fact since the last
Forum Research poll on May 9th, NDP support has jumped 14 percentage points. The poll
suggests a shift in voter support, the Tories dropping seven percentage points and the Liberals
down eight percentage points. Ontarians go the polls on Thursday June 7, 2018.


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