Air Canada Negotiations Committee Process – November 30, 2018

November 30, 2018


Fred Hospes,
PDGC District Lodge 140

Re: Air Canada Negotiations Committee Process

Dear Brother Hospes,

I write in respect of the 2019 negotiations at Air Canada. I have been made aware of the
concerns that are brought forward by our members working in Tech-Ops classifications under
the Collective Agreement. I have considered a number of issues related to these concerns,

• The positions and recommendations brought forward by yourself and Airline Coordinator
Carlos DaCosta, flowing from the meetings held earlier this week.

• Today’s discussion with the 2019 bargaining committee representatives.

• History leading to the separation of bargaining tables brought into operation by my
predecessor GVP Dave Ritchie as a response to the concerns of lAM members in these
classifications. In my review, I also reached out to retired GVP Ritchie, who confirmed
that it was his mandate to DL140 that led to this process in 2012 and 2016 negotiations.

It is always a difficult situation when two groups have seemingly opposing views of how to
approach negotiations. However, in light of the prior commitments made by this office, and the
need for the lAM to engage Collective Bargaining in Solidarity and as a United front, I have
made the following decisions:

I. The bargaining between lAM and Air Canada shall take place under the same two-table
approach taken in the 2012 and 2016 negotiations. For clarity: this is two separate tables
during the bargaining, with a single ratification process.

2. I understand there are issues where a common table makes sense, and the committee shall
make this determination as negotiations proceed. I also note that it is incumbent on the
committee to ensure an effective communications process between the two tables in
accordance with the committee’s Terms of Reference.



– 2 –

3. This is and shall remain a single bargaining unit, and we must work together throughout
the 2019 bargaining process.

4. The issue respecting the bargaining representatives who left the Negotiations Prep
program shall be dealt with by the Local Lodges. The Local Lodge Presidents are
authorized to take one of the following approaches:

a. Reinstate the elected representatives.
b. Appoint another member to take their place.
c. Conduct another nomination and election process. This nomination and election
to be concluded no later than December 14th. If a dispensation is required to meet
this timeline, please contact my office.

Finally, I thank you and Carlos, as well as the entire bargaining committee, tor their assistance in
regard to moving this process forward in an efficient manner. We all have a great deal of work
ahead of us as the committees prepare for the negotiations to take place next year.

In Solidarity,

Stan Pickthall
General Vice President


cc. Carlos DaCosta, Airline Coordinator
Air Canada Negotiations Committee
Dave Flowers, LL2323
Chris Hiscock, LL764

Download Letter from GVP Stan Pickthall -Air Canada Negotiations Committee Process

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