2323 Bulletin -Letter from the President -Negotiations

December 2, 2018

Sisters and Brothers,

I am writing in response to the difficult decision made on Friday November 30, 2018 by the IAM&AW under the
direction of Canadian General Vice President, Stan Pickthall and other key members of his staff.

This decision was arrived at after debate and input from all parties. We would like to start by thanking everyone involved for the attention this matter desperately needed.

Although the decision made will not please everyone, it is the only way to proceed forward as a united group.
Taking a positive away from every situation, we saw unity between two competing constituencies within our own
Tech-Ops groups come together to support a common goal. These are the actions of a Union and something to be
proud of.

However, during this action, we saw behaviour between some Brothers and Sisters that would be deemed
unbecoming of Union members. It is our hope that this will not continue moving forward.

As the specifics of this Negotiation structure and the time lines attached, the hybrid approach was thought to be
a better solution. We now understand this was not to be the will and pleasure of the Tech Ops group.

Let this be an opportunity of learning from our differences but remain together in our collective determination to
achieve the goals of the membership as a whole.

As for the issue regarding the Tech Ops Representatives elected to Negotiate for Local Lodge 2323, the Grand
Lodge has authorized me to make the tough choice on how to proceed. It has given me three options: To appoint
new Representatives, to hold a nomination and election, or to reinstate the two Representatives back to the

This I can tell you, is not an easy decision either. I would be remiss if I didn’t consider the state of the relationship
on the Committee if the two Representatives return. However, in a process where time is not afforded, this
Committee needs to come together as a Union. If we do this, we can achieve great things.

Considering this, I am therefore making my decision as follows:

I hereby appoint Brother Bill Tinsley and Brother Mark Pozzobon back to the position of Negotiation
Representatives for Local Lodge 2323 effective immediately.

I do this with the hope that they will go back and work as a team with the remaining Members of the Negotiations
Committee. They and the other Members will work to mend the relationships needed to be successful in the
upcoming round of bargaining.

I again would like to thank all involved for their patience while we dealt with this extremely difficult matter.

In solidarity,

Dave Flowers

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