All Members of IAMAW Local Lodge 2323 -Increasing Membership Attendance

January 10, 2019

All Members of IAMAW Local Lodge 2323

Increasing Membership Attendance

In an effort to increase the Membership turnout at the General Meetings we are
going to (on a one year trial basis) have an end of year raffle for cash gift cards,
for the members who have attended meetings.
Members who attend will be given when entering the hall, one half of a ticket
which will be one chance at winning a prize for every meeting he or she attends.

The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize    $1,000.00
2nd Prize   $300.00
3rd Prize    $200.00

Now, if you would like to better your odds of winning, why not bring a member
who has never been to a meeting? By bringing a member who has never been to
a meeting, not only does that member get a ticket for a chance, but you also
get a second ticket for bringing that member with you . This is for both active
and retired members.

Please be advised that there is a maximum capacity for 115 people in the hall, so be sure to arrive early.

This initiative was discussed and approved by your Executive Board.

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