Labour Conditions at Pearson need to improve! -IAMAW Canada

Labour Conditions at Pearson need to improve! -IAMAW Canada

Toronto, ON – Members of the International Transport Federation from four continents gathered
in Toronto this week to discuss problems facing airport workers around the world. One of the
biggest concerns is worker safety.

The Toronto Airport Workers Council has made great strides in convincing airport management
and employers that workers need to have their voices heard in discussions concerning worker
safety at Pearson. The Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) holds bi-annual safety summits
with employers but it wasn’t until three years ago, after continued pressure from the Council,
that workers were invited to these summits. But even with this worker participation, Pearson
still had 180 accident incidents recorded last year. IAM Local Lodge 2323 Vice President Dan
Janssen told delegates labour conditions at Pearson need to improve….

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