Local Lodge 2323 Committees

July 4, 2019

Local Lodge 2323 Committees

The Local Lodge will be accepting applications for the following committees. Terms will
commence February 1, 2020 and run through to December 31, 2022. All existing
committee members wishing to continue, must re-apply.

Employee Assistance Committee:
Two (2) Members from YOW
Five (5) Members from Airports & Cargo
One (1) Member from Cabins
Two (2) Members from Tech Ops

Employee Relations, Rights and Equity Committee:
Six (6) Members
One (1) Ottawa (optional)
One (1) Tech Ops
One (1) Cargo
One (1) GSE
One (1) Ramp
One (1) Cabins

Women’s Committee:
Three (3) Members

Community Service Committee:
Three (3) Members

Applications must be received by the end of the day January 3, 2020. Applications must
be in writing, forwarded by Canada Post, Fax or in Person, but not by e-mail, to the
Recording Secretary Local 2323.

The selection process is scheduled to take place at the Executive Board Meeting on
January 7, 2020.

In solidarity,

Dave Flowers

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