EI Codes and Step By Step Guide / Codes d’assurance-emploi et guide étape par étape

The Canadian office (iamaw.ca) has put together some more information pertaining to the EI application process.

For a step by step guide to completing the EI regular benefits application, see the link below:

Chapter 2: Block-by-block instructions for completing the Record of Employment



Below are all  the codes available, members should input A00-Work Shortage 

Code Description
A00 Shortage of work / End of Contract or Season
A01 Employer bankruptcy or receivership NEW
B00 Strike or lockout
D00 Illness or injury
E00 Quit
E02 Quit / Follow spouse NEW
E03 Quit / Return to school NEW
E04 Quit / Health reasons NEW
E05 Quit / Voluntary retirement

Use this option for voluntary retirement otherwise refer to codes G00 and G07

E06 Quit / Take another job NEW
E09 Quit / Employer relocation NEW
E10 Quit / Care for a dependant NEW
E11 Quit / To become self-employed NEW
F00 Maternity
G00 Mandatory retirement
G7 Retirement / Approved workforce reduction NEW
H00 Work sharing
J00 Apprentice training
K00 Other
K12 Other / Change of payroll frequency NEW
K13 Other / Change of ownership NEW
K14 Other / Requested by Employment Insurance NEW
K15 Other / Canadian Forces – Queen’s Regulations/Orders NEW
K16 Other / At the employee’s request NEW
K17 Other / Change of Service Provider NEW
M00 Dismissal
M08 Dismissal / Terminated within probationary period NEW
N00 Leave of absence
P00 Parental
Z00 Compassionate care/Family caregiver

Code Z00 should also be used if the employee is leaving the workplace temporarily to claim Family Caregiver Benefits.

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