ALL IAMAW Local Lodge Members Employed at Air Canada -Canada Life Group Disability Income Plan (GDIP)

September 17, 2020

ALL IAMAW Local Lodge Members Employed at Air Canada
Canada Life Group Disability Income Plan (GDIP)

Sisters and Brothers:

Company has unilaterally changed the Union/ Company agreed to Canada Life (formerly Great
West Life) application form. The mutually agreed to language was the result of an arbitration
award on December 14, 2006. After almost 14 years Air Canada has changed the agreed
language without consulting the IAMAW.

We have retained legal counsel (Ian Roland) and asked him to assist us to address this matter as
he advised the Union on the original grievance that resulted in the agreed language.

The altered form, if signed, gives Air Canada Disability Management the right to review your
private medical information. This is a violation of your privacy rights.

Should you have to apply for Group Disability the Union is advising you to strike out that
portion of the form. It is on page 3 “Authorizations and Declarations” bullet point 4. Then initial
in margin before signing the form


strike out:  Air Canada Disability Management and/or

In the meantime your Union has filed a grievance to have this wording removed from the GDIP
application form. The Union is looking to protect your privacy rights.

In solidarity,

Dave Flowers

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