Constitution 2023

IAMAW/ Air Canada Collective Agreement 2016-2026 n

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Employee Health Benefits

IAM Health Benefits 2019

(37 pages in pdf format)

Chiropractic Coverage

ClaimSecure Health Claim Form

Disability Income Protection Info
(21 page in pdf format)    English


IAM Dental Care Handbook 2019

(for employees hired before January 31, 2016)

IAM Life and Accident Coverage

Payment of Medical Notes
(Agreed Item 9 of MOA)

Plan Policy Numbers and Contact information

For Active Members

ClaimSecure (Dental, Prescription Drug, Counselling, etc.)

Plan #21252

ID #2152 _ _ _ _ _ _ (six digit employee no.)

Toll-free: 1-888-982-7878

Mailing Address: Air Canada/ClaimSecure

PO Box 7878 Sudbury ON P3E 0A9

Great West Life -Group Disability Income Plan

(GDIP) Plan# 51208 (toll free 1-800-665-8622)

AC Employee Services : 1-855-855-0785


Group Disability Income Plan (G.D.I.P)

Group Disability Income Plan (GDIP) Claim Form
(6-page document in pdf format) English    French



IAM Retiree Benefits Handbook 2019

Plan Policy Numbers and Contact information

Sun Life Basic Health Plan #1

-Plan# 23212

(toll free phone 1-800-361-2128)

Sun Life (Retirees) Voluntary Supplemental Health Plan #2

-Plan# 25240

(toll free phone 1-800-361-2128)

AC Employee Services : 1-855-855-0785