Airport & Cargo Shop Committee -All IAMAW Members

The company recently announced a $500.00 cash payment to (almost) all members. If you were off the payroll on July 14 2009, that is, you were on WSIB, GWL, mat leave etc, the company has chosen not to give you this payment. The Union contends all members are entitled to receive this payment and will . . . → Read More: Airport & Cargo Shop Committee -All IAMAW Members

All Members Cabins

We have received a number of calls in Cabins regarding having to sign a document during crew briefings. You are under no obligation to sign anything you don’t want to, you can simply decline and the manager cannot fire you or discipline you for not signing.

We have brought this issue forward to Will Westwick . . . → Read More: All Members Cabins

All Stewards Aircraft Services

I am asking all Stewards to send me an email from their current non-Air Canada email. I have been sending out a Steward update over the past few months but more and more I am having them bounce back as undeliverable.

Thank you,

Derek Morgan Shop Committee Chairman

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. . . → Read More: All Stewards Aircraft Services

Notice of Selection -Airport & Cargo Health & Safety Committee

Notice of Selection Airport & Cargo Health & Safety Committee

The Selections for your new Health & Safety Committee Members were made at the Local Lodge 2323 Executive Board Meeting and supported by the Members in attendance at the Membership Meeting on January 04/ 2011

Ramp & Baggage Committee

Coby Budgell . . . → Read More: Notice of Selection -Airport & Cargo Health & Safety Committee