Airport & Cargo Shop Committee Re: LSA Promotionals

September 14, 2010


The Company today released another Lead Station Attendant posting bringing the current total of concurrent postings to two. Please be advised, if you are interested in a Leads Promotional you must apply to both 2010-042 and 2010-046 to be considered on both postings.

The Shop Committee

Derek Morgan Vick . . . → Read More: Airport & Cargo Shop Committee Re: LSA Promotionals

All Members Re: VPP

Sept 13/10

All Members Re: VPP

The company is offering employees the opportunity, via the Aeronet, to purchase an

extra week of vacation for 2011. When dealing directly with the company, it is your

responsibility to fully understand what you are purchasing. Depending on how many

weeks of vacation you currently have, you . . . → Read More: All Members Re: VPP

Negotiations Representative Election Results

September 8, 2010

Negotiations Representative Election Results

Technical Services/Purchasing and Supply:

• Paul Krska

• loannis Makris

Airport and Cargo:

• Steve O’Hara

Stan Dolnicek and John Hill received the same amount of votes for second place.

We are awaiting instruction from Grand Lodge on the tie breaker or re–election procedures.


• Rhonda Maclachlan . . . → Read More: Negotiations Representative Election Results

Nominations Notice

September 7, 2010

Nominations Notice Local Lodge 2323 Executive Board Two Airports and Cargo Shop Committee Members

Please be advised that at the October 5th, 2010 General Monthly Meeting Local Lodge 2323 will be accepting nominations for election to the following positions:

• President • Vice-President • Recording Secretary • Secretary Treasurer • Trustee (3) . . . → Read More: Nominations Notice