ST Appointment Mark Falconer

January 14, 2022

Local Lodge 2323

Appointment for Secretary Treasurer

The Executive Board of LL2323 would like to announce the appointment of Brother Mark Falconer to the position of Secretary Treasurer effective upon the retirement of our current Secretary Treasurer John Smiley.

John will be retiring in April 2022 and this appointment will be in . . . → Read More: ST Appointment Mark Falconer

USEFUL NUMBERS – 2022 (By Ivana Saula) -IAMAW Canada

OLD AGE SECURITY BENEFIT (Monthly, at age 65, January 2022) $ 642.25 (regardless of marital status) 10% increase to OAS as of July 2022 for those 75 and older Adjusted quarterly to CPI (in January, April, July and October) OAS/GIS can be deferred up to 5 years (to age 70), with an increase of 0.60% . . . → Read More: USEFUL NUMBERS – 2022 (By Ivana Saula) -IAMAW Canada

Results from LL2323 Online Survey

January 5, 2022

Results from LL2323 Online Survey

Start: 2021-12-200 7:00:00 America/Toronto

End: 2022-01-01 23:59:00 America/Toronto

Turnout: 69 (74.2%) of 93 electors voted in this ballot.

1. The Province of Ontario has placed limits to unvaccinated people when accessing public spaces. Do you agree with the order that requires proof of vaccination to enter public . . . → Read More: Results from LL2323 Online Survey

Local Lodge 2323 Committees

January 4, 2022

Local Lodge 2323 Committees

The Local Lodge will be accepting applications for the following committees. Terms will commence February 1, 2022 and run through to December 31, 2022. All existing committee members wishing to continue, must re-apply.

Community Service Committee: Three (3) Members

Political Action Committee No Maximum

Young Machinists No Less . . . → Read More: Local Lodge 2323 Committees