Aveos/Air Canada Hearings at the ClRB

October 7, 2010 Brothers and Sisters;

District and Local Lodge representatives from across the country attended the CIRB hearings in Ottawa this past week.

The decision from the board members in regards to the Union’s application to common employer was positive for the membership. There are hearings scheduled for November and December to present and . . . → Read More: Aveos/Air Canada Hearings at the ClRB

Air Canada Telephone Survey

October 01, 2010 Air Canada Telephone Survey Brothers and Sisters,

Some of you have reported getting phone calls from an outside agency requesting your participation for a company sponsored survey. A number of members have asked us for our opinion on how to conduct themselves during such a call.

First, you may choose not to . . . → Read More: Air Canada Telephone Survey

CIRB Decision-October 1, 2010

Dear Sirs/Madams:

In the matter of the Canada Labour Code (Part I-Industrial Relations) and an application for review filed pursuant to section 18.1 and an application for a declaration of sale of business pursuant to sections 44, 45 and 46 filed by Aveos Fleet Performance Inc. and Air Canada, applicants; International Association of Machinists and . . . → Read More: CIRB Decision-October 1, 2010

DL140 Bulletin -Update on Transition CIRB Hearings

Notice TO ALL IAMAW TECH OP MEMBERS IN TORONTO UPDATE ON TRANSITION CIRB HEARINGS On September 29th, 2010 a hearing was held at the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB). The contentious issue of this session was the refusal of the employer to provide relevant information regarding AVEOS’ financial viability and future business plan.

During the . . . → Read More: DL140 Bulletin -Update on Transition CIRB Hearings