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The Local 2323 Pension Representative is Brother Paul Hicks.

Paul Hicks is our Pension Representative.

He may be reached at the following:

Phone: 905-678-0010 (Local 2323 Administration Office)

or by email:

MEPP Plan (Multi-Employer Pension Plan)

I.A.M. Multi-Employer Pension Plan (Canada)


(21 pages)

English       Français

On the web:
By email:
By phone: 1.888.354.5444

New address for MEPP Plan Members. (Multi Employer Pension Plan)

I.A.M. Labour-Management Pension Fund (Canada)
I.A.M. Multi-Employer Pension Plan

*703-331 Cooper St.
Ottawa, ON, K2P 0G5
(613) 567-8259
1-888-354-5444 (Toll Free)

(613) 594-9038 (Fax)

* Note: As of February 1, 2022 the new address will be:

204-116 Lisgar St
Ottawa, ON
Canada K2P 0C2

MEPP Newsletter(s)

Latest Issue September 2021 ⬇︎

MEPP Newsletter -Latest Issue September 2021

September 2021 Issue Vol #4

click on the link, newsletter opens in a new page

previous newsletters ⬇︎

August 2019 Issue #2

Issue Number 1 (June 2018) Francais

IAM Labour-Management Pension Fund English Newsletter
-September 2021

Pension Seminar -Videos on YouTube

-A previous Pension Seminar was videotaped and produced by IAMAW Canada’s Communication Department.
We are glad to have them available here for Members who were not able to make it in person to
one of the Seminars either in YYZ or YOW.

-The seminar has been broken down into 3 separate videos below. In addition to the video, please
download the handout notes from the seminar which are available here in pdf format (23 pages).
The videos and the handout notes will open up in a new tab within your browser.

Understanding Your Pension -Part One -IAMAW Local 2323 (57:22)

Understanding Your Pension -Part Two -IAMAW Local 2323 (1:27:04)

Understanding Your Pension -Part Three -IAMAW Local 2323 (57:46)

Pension Reports

Monthly Pension Reports are available on the YVR Local 764 website.

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