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Bill C-27: A step backwards in providing retirement income security for Canadians -IAMAW Canada



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I’d like to take the time this issue to let you all know about a movement happening right here at our very own airport.

There is a growing movement between all workers in a fight for a minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour. You can see it in the US, you can see it at other airports and you can see it in the fast food industry. It’s growing and we are a part of it. I know some people say yeah raise the minimum wage and everything else goes up with it.

This isn’t true as proven by two things.

First, way back in 1950, the minimum wage in the US was set at seventy five cents per hour. If you do the math that works out to $7.29 per hour at today’s rates. The minimum wage was enough to keep you living above poverty levels and actually buy a home and a car.

Today we see a minimum wage increase in Seattle (almost one year ago) to $15.00 an hour. That’s well above our federal minimum wage of zero dollars an hour (that’s right in Canada there is no Federal minimum wage) and still well above Ontario’s minimum wage of $11.25 an hour. Even after this raise in Seattle, the study was done on its effect of prices of goods and services and the results came back as zero percent. It had no affect whatsoever on the price of food or material goods.

This is just another excuse that large corporations and greedy business owners try and make us believe so that we can keep fighting amongst ourselves and keep us poor.

Given all this info, there are changes coming to this country and the IAM will be leading the way. We will be fighting for a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour all across this country but we need to all stand together during this time.

The strength in our numbers when we stick together cannot be broken and there is nothing greater we can do for our sisters and brothers than to raise the standard of living to greater heights.

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Political Action Symposium -September 3-5, 2014

Winpisinger Education & Technology Center, Hollywood, MD

Canadian-Political Action-Symposium

Brothers Bryan Wilson and Brad Gomes are attending on behalf of Local 2323.


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