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IAMAW/ Air Canada Collective Agreement 2016-2026

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All Stewards Aircraft Services

I am asking all Stewards to send me an email from their current non-Air Canada email. I have been sending out a Steward update over the past few months but more and more I am having them bounce back as undeliverable.

Thank you,

Derek Morgan Shop Committee Chairman

Download Bulletin

. . . → Read More: All Stewards Aircraft Services

All Members

If you are injured at work, you must fill out an accident report the day of the injury or risk WSIB denying your claim. When you fill out the injury report, you will be provided with an FAF form or Functional Abilities Form which must be filled out by the attending physician. This FAF form . . . → Read More: All Members

Tech-Ops Bulletin -Control Manual Procedures

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Management has expressed concerns over a number of instances in which Control Manual procedures have not been adhered to (i.e. missing Critical System signatures etc … ). The Company intends to address this issue through various means such as job aids, crew meetings and when warranted possible disciplinary action against offending . . . → Read More: Tech-Ops Bulletin -Control Manual Procedures

Locker Audit and Cleanup (YYZ)

Station Attendants and Lead Station Attendants (Ramp & Baggage)

Please take a look at the following notice.

Locker Audit and Cleanup



On March 27, 2000 Inter-Canadien was declared bankrupt.

In 2003 the IAMAW filed a legal action directly against the individuals and corporations that controlled Inter-Canadian in order to try to recover some of the money owing to members. This action was filed by the Union on principle, knowing the significant legal hurdles that . . . → Read More: TO ALL IAMAW MEMBERS WHO WERE EMPLOYED BY INTER-CANADIEN

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