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Personal Leave -Government of Canada

1. Rights outlined in the Code under personal leave

2. Conditions for paid leave

3. Leave taken over more than one period

4. Employer’s request for the employee…

Personal Leave -Government of Canada

IAMAW/ Air Canada Collective Agreement 2016-2026

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Notice to All Members- By-Law Amendments

August 20, 2020

Notice By-Law Amendments

The proposed Local Lodge 2323 By-Law amendments will be read out at the November 03, 2020 General Membership Monthly Meeting. The Second reading and voting are to take place at the December 01, 2020 General Membership Monthly Meeting.

As per Local Lodge 2323 by-laws, Section 3, any proposed by-law . . . → Read More: Notice to All Members- By-Law Amendments

ShiftXChange mobile app

August 18, 2020

During this pandemic, we know our Members have been experiencing disruptions to their schedules. IAMAW Local Lodge 2323 is always open to partnerships and associations that will assist us with our focus to serving and benefitting 100% of our Membership. Such a partnership has recently presented itself and we are excited to . . . → Read More: ShiftXChange mobile app

Brother Don Marko -Father of Brothers Jim and Bob Marko

August 13, 2020

Brother Don Marko Father of Brothers Jim and Bob Marko

It is with profound sadness and a heavy heart that the Union must inform the Membership of the passing of Brothers Bob and Jim Marko’s father, Don. Brother Don Marko was a retired Air Canada Station Attendant in Toronto. Jim and Bob . . . → Read More: Brother Don Marko -Father of Brothers Jim and Bob Marko

Recall & Bumping in Airports/Cargo/Cabins

August 12, 2020

Recall & Bumping in Airports/Cargo/Cabins

Greetings Sisters and Brothers:

In order to help you understand and to keep you informed with the current recall notices that were sent out on August 7, 2020. There are both permanent and conditional choices. We have broken it down into the current cutoff dates for each . . . → Read More: Recall & Bumping in Airports/Cargo/Cabins

2323 Twitter Feed

.@AirNatlGuard F-16s on the wing of an @RCAF_ARC CC-150T Polaris over Labrador today as #NORAD conducts dynamic force employment operations with air assets from both Canada and the United States in the Arctic this week.…

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