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Personal Leave -Government of Canada

1. Rights outlined in the Code under personal leave

2. Conditions for paid leave

3. Leave taken over more than one period

4. Employer’s request for the employee…

Personal Leave -Government of Canada

2020 IAM Scholarship Competition


2020 IAM Scholarship Competition

The deadline for applications is February 21, 2020.

IAMAW/ Air Canada Collective Agreement 2016-2026

Negotiations 2019

Please read first!

Negotiations Info Handbook

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Airport & Cargo Shop Committee Re: Rolling Stock Inspection

September 14, 2010

All Members Re: Rolling Stock Inspection

Be advised that the Union considers the inspection of rolling stock, carts, dollies pallets, to be a maintenance function. We have filed a grievance and will get this matter to arbitration as soon as possible. We have discussed the health & safety concern with respect to . . . → Read More: Airport & Cargo Shop Committee Re: Rolling Stock Inspection

Airport & Cargo Shop Committee Re: LSA Promotionals

September 14, 2010


The Company today released another Lead Station Attendant posting bringing the current total of concurrent postings to two. Please be advised, if you are interested in a Leads Promotional you must apply to both 2010-042 and 2010-046 to be considered on both postings.

The Shop Committee

Derek Morgan Vick . . . → Read More: Airport & Cargo Shop Committee Re: LSA Promotionals

All Members Re: VPP

Sept 13/10

All Members Re: VPP

The company is offering employees the opportunity, via the Aeronet, to purchase an

extra week of vacation for 2011. When dealing directly with the company, it is your

responsibility to fully understand what you are purchasing. Depending on how many

weeks of vacation you currently have, you . . . → Read More: All Members Re: VPP

Tech Ops Bulletin -Shift Update

Re: 2010 line maintenance shift discussions September 10, 2010 Dear Brother and Sisters,

We have confirmed the following on the issue of the Ministerial Permit and the membership vote;

• Part III, Division I of the Canada Labour Code (the “Code”) applies to Air Canada.

• There is no requirement for a “ministerial permit” to . . . → Read More: Tech Ops Bulletin -Shift Update

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