To all Tech Ops Line Maintenance Employees -Survey

To all Tech Ops Line Mtce Employees,

After recent discussions with the company, there will be choice of process pertaining towards the selection of start/stop times in your work location. The procedures in question are an annual transfer process, or a yearly (open) crew bid.

Therefore, we are querying the membership for feedback in the . . . → Read More: To all Tech Ops Line Maintenance Employees -Survey

District 140 Bulletin -YYZ Line Maintenance


Attached with this notice is an arbitration decision regarding the training of people coming from other stations as a result of the transition bumping and layoff process.

You will note the arbitration award states that LAT and LLAT’s will be assigned to assist in training the transitioning employees.

The . . . → Read More: District 140 Bulletin -YYZ Line Maintenance

Line Maintenance Shift Vote

October 21, 2010 Notice Brothers and Sisters, The Line Maintenance vote for the Company’s proposed shift changes will take place on November 4th and 5th 2010 in the Bay 8 cafeteria from the hours of 0700 to 1500.

Your union card or RAIC identifying yourself as an affected Tech Ops employee (Cat 01, 13, 19, . . . → Read More: Line Maintenance Shift Vote

Tech Ops Bulletin -Shift Update

Re: 2010 line maintenance shift discussions September 10, 2010 Dear Brother and Sisters,

We have confirmed the following on the issue of the Ministerial Permit and the membership vote;

• Part III, Division I of the Canada Labour Code (the “Code”) applies to Air Canada.

• There is no requirement for a “ministerial permit” to . . . → Read More: Tech Ops Bulletin -Shift Update

Tech Ops Bulletin: Continuous Improvement

Airline Central Lodge 2323 IAMAW

Technical Operations, Logistics & Supply Shop Committee Communiqué

August 12, 2010

We have noticed you in the workplace watching us and we know what you are trying to do. We are on to you and we will not participate in the elimination of our jobs

Continuous Improvement;

The identification, reduction . . . → Read More: Tech Ops Bulletin: Continuous Improvement