YYZ Airports Shop Committee Employee Representative

February, 23 2023

Toronto YYZ Shop Committee

Are you interested in becoming an employee representative for our members?

The Shop Committee is currently looking for applicants to fulfill present openings in our Shop Steward ranks. Shop stewards are members who are elected/appointed to serve as the primary point of contact between the union and our members. They act as a liaison between the employees and management, ensuring that any grievances or issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Shop stewards are the eyes and ears of our union, and they are essential in maintaining good relations between our members and management.

Some of the Duties of a Shop Steward include

• Advocacy: Shop stewards serve as an advocate for our members in disputes with management. They ensure that our members are treated fairly and that their rights are protected.
• Communication: Shop stewards help to facilitate communication between the union and our members. They are a trusted source of information for our members and can help to resolve issues before they escalate.
• Training: Shop stewards are often trained in health and safety, labour laws, and other relevant areas. This means they can provide valuable information to our members and help ensure that our workplace is safe and compliant.

Overall, shop stewards are essential to our union, and we are looking for individuals who are willing to take on this important role. If you are interested in becoming a shop steward or would like more information about the role, please contact the Shop Committee at:


Thank you for your support of our union and for your dedication to protecting the rights and interests of our members.

In Solidarity,


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