Notice of Election -Toronto Shop Stewards, Ramp & Baggage

Notice of Election for IAMAW Local Lodge 2323
Shop Stewards
Toronto Ramp & Baggage

Please be advised elections will take place for 25 Shop Stewards in the Ramp and Baggage Department. Elections will take place on December 14 & 15, 2011. Polling will take place in the Terminal 1 Bid Room, between the hours of 06:30 and 21:00 hours each day.

The following is the list of candidates:

Lloyd Alsisto

“Big Frank” Angilletta

Jason Barlow

Domenic Bartella

Eugene Boddy

Dan Budgell

Robert Calamusa

Felipe Carmona

Sanjay Singh Chaudhary

Azeem Chughtou

Jeff Clarke

Michael Cooke

Chris “Fluffy” Dodgson

David Flowers

Gregg Fortushniok

Mark Gasperi

Paul Gay

Terry Hanson

Don Harris

John Hill

Dan Janssen

Hardy Jassal

Daryl Johnson

Vinod Kharsikar

Satkuna Kumar

David McLeod

Perry Mulhall

Donnie Ouderkirk

Mark Pacilla

Leo Paradela

Jag Prajapati

Adeel Raza

Mike Richard

Joe Robb

Vern Roberts

Rob Twomey

Brandon Valley

Emil Varosi

Mike Viola

George Vitto

Javier Zarazua

Please be advised that you may vote for less than 25 but no more than 25 candidates.

Yours in solidarity,

Sam Jabbar
Recording Secretary

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