A Message from Dave Ritchie: Get Out and Vote

To:  IAM members in Ontario

The June 12 provincial election could be a crucial turning-point for Ontario.  Over the last couple of decades, under the Harris Conservative and McGuinty Liberal governments, Ontario’s working families have taken a lot of hits. Between the mass destruction of good manufacturing jobs after NAFTA and the financial meltdown of 2008, most Ontario families are more vulnerable than at any time since World War II.

And things could get a lot worse.   If we end up with Conservative Tim Hudak in the Premier’s chair on June 13, we can expect a full scale assault on workers’ rights and fairness in this province.  Hudak’s only jobs plan is throwing more billions of dollars at corporate CEOs, who are already sitting on huge piles of cash.

To turn things around, we need a government that respects and protects workers, whose goals are good jobs and fairness.  Not only do we need to stop Hudak, but we need more New Democrats in the Ontario legislature, to ensure that the interests of Ontario’s working families are protected.

On June 12, I urge you and your family to vote for the candidate in your riding who will support workers and their families.

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