Air Canada (TMOS) Appendix XXXXIV Memorandum of Agreement and 2019 Bargaining Survey -District 140

Air Canada (TMOS) Appendix XXXXIV Memorandum of Agreement and 2019 Bargaining Survey

Please Read MOA before Survey.

In 2016, the IAMAW ratified a (10) ten year agreement with Air Canada effective 2016 – 2026 that provided
job security and economic improvements to all members.

As part of that agreement, Appendix XXXXIV Memorandum of Agreement in the current Collective
Agreement was established to allow for negotiating re-openers. It is extremely important that you take the
time to read and understand this Memorandum of Agreement. In particular, item 7 defines the process for
the 2019-2022 period of this (10) ten year agreement. A full copy of this document is available on first
page of the District’s web site. (also below)

The process provided in this MOA is different from other years of bargaining. To simplify, it is limited to 90
days of negotiations, followed by 15 days of mediation (if required). If no collective agreement changes can
be achieved in that process, a maximum of (10) ten items from the union and (10) ten items from the
company can be put before a mediator/arbitrator for final binding determination in lieu of strike or

Please take the time to complete this survey. The input from this survey will assist your Negotiating
Committee to understand your issues and priorities prior to meeting with the company.

IAMAW Appendix-XXXXIV Memorandum of Agreement  (5 pages -please read before
completing survey!

Survey Link: Survey now closed!


District 140 will be also distributing the IAMAW Negotiations Handbook 


You can download a copy here.

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