All Members of IAMAW Airline Central Local Lodge 2323

June 1, 2017

All Members of IAMAW Airline Central Local Lodge 2323

Supervision, Direction and Control Has Been Lifted

As per the recommendation that was agreed to at the May 3, 2016 Membership
Meeting, that the Local Lodge was to be put under the Supervision of Grand
Lodge to review our currently practices of Election processes.

As a Local Lodge Executive Board we have worked diligently to ensure our
process, protocols and bylaws for the election process have been corrected.

On behalf of the Executive Board we are pleased to announce we have been
released from the Supervision, Direction and Control as so directed by
Robert Martinez Jr., International President.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved but in particular
our International President and Brother Robert Martinez Jr., General Vice
President and Brother Stan Pickthall and Grand Lodge Representative and
our Supervisor, Sister Heather Kelley for their patience and guidance.

In solidarity,

Dave Flowers

John J. Smiley
Secretary Treasurer

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