Food Drive For LL2323 Members

March 28, 2022

Food Drive For LL2323 Members







While many of us are back to work and trying to get back to regular living;
The economic inflation has caused even more food insecurities for many of our members.
Your community service committee wants to ask its members to please donate any nonperishables
if you can and if you are a member in need to please take from the box.
If a member is currently off due to sickness, layoff or non compliance,
arrangements can be made to have a hamper available for pick up.

If you would like to donate or need to arrange to have a hamper picked up please reach out to:

Nicole Tappenden (Cabins),
Rob Little (Cargo),
Jason Jiskra (Tech Ops) or
Bryan Benskin (Ramp).

Two donation Boxes can be found at Cargo, one at Convair,
one at the Tech Ops Shop Committee office
and one by the Airports Shop Committee office in the terminal.

Thank you to our brothers and sisters once again for all the support you continue to show.

In Solidarity,
The Community Service Committee

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