Airports & Cargo Health & Safety Committees

At IAMAW Local 2323, the safety and well-being of our members in the Airports & Cargo sectors are of utmost importance. Our dedicated Health & Safety Committees for these sectors work tirelessly to ensure that our members have a safe and secure working environment.

Ramp & Baggage Health & Safety Committee:

  • Sean Wilson
  • Peter Stockley
  • Tim Evangelista
  • Mike Crilly
  • Alfonso D’Ambra
  • Frank Angilletta (Big Frank)
  • Nunzio Bellissimo
  • Mike Steenson



Cargo Health & Safety Committee:

  • Michelle McDonnell
  • Gagandeep Mann

CEQ Health & Safety Committee:

  • Michael Weekes
  • LaKoya Brown


  • Karlene Leahing

SOC Joint Health and Safety Committee:

  • Mark Field (Co-Chair)
  • Mark Pydo